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Barfoote have put a great deal of effort and thought behind the design of their Weep wall systems to make sure they perform at maximum efficiency and last the distance.  
The use of vertical slits over horizontal designs and physical slit width used in combination with the length of the settlement pond allows the materials to separate naturally by distance.  
Therefore, by the time they reach the weep wall they are in three separate states (floating top fibre material, middle green water section and bottom sludge). Thus allowing the green water to drain from the system rather than clogging the system.

Advantages of Barfoote Weep walls

  • No power required
  • No stone trap required
  • Many installations have green water straight though to pivot irrigation 
  • Precast construction means lower costs
  • Concrete construction
    • No rotting or bulging like other systems on the market
    • Low Maintenance
    • Longevity

Illustration of operation