Rotary Sheds

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Barfoote Rotary Cowsheds are designed for the requirements of the high producing dairy farmer, who wants to reduce labour expenditure and time spent in the cowshed. Choose from a range of the  standard portal designs or be a little more adventurous and consider the modern curved concrete arch option which offers increased space.  The buildings are extremely robust  functional and low maintenance.  They remain extremely appealing to the eye, the curves seem to hug the landscape and blend in as though they have always been there.  Not to mention that they are also surprisingly affordable.

Collection of some Barfoote built Rotary Sheds (click on image to enlarge)

Some of the Rotary Sheds build by Barfoote Construction

40ASHB & Covered Feedpad 
Client: Shepherds Farms 
Project Duration 4 months 
The project consists of a 29m pit with shed, race, yard and plant buildings. Also included is a 2,000m2 covered feed pad. The feed pad construction consists of a concrete slab with timber post and roof framing members. 

Client: JV Farms Ltd. 
Project Duration 5 months 
This project consists of various agricultural facilities.  The main structures are a 54 bail rotary cowshed and a 2,000m2 covered feed pad.  The rotary cowshed was a steel shed structure including race and yard.  The feed pad comprises a concrete slab with a large structural steel portal framed roof.

Rotary Cowshed 
Client: Rigside Farm Ltd. 
Project Duration 3 months 
This project utilises in-situ concrete works, structural steel and precast concrete construction.  The project comprises a shed, yard and race areas. The cowshed is a 54 bail rotary, and the construction of this building used precast beams and wall panels.
The building was designed with a unique curved roof and open sides.

Rotary Cowshed & Feed Pad 


  • Topia Farm - Rotary Cowshed
  • Douglas Farm - Rotary Cowshed
  • Brigalow Farm - Rotary Cowshed
  • Smith Farm Rotary Cowshed & Covered Feedpad 
  • Kidd Farm - Rotary Cowshed, Feedpad
  • McBeth Rotary Cowshed & Covered Feedpad