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Barfoote Construction design and build cattle feedpads to suit the client’s requirements. Each design is customized to suit existing and future requirements on the farm.

Customized options include stand alone feedpad slabs, feedpads with roof structures (typically steel portal with timber roof or pole and timber construction) and we supply and install extras, including customized gates, feed troughs, water troughs and steel post and rail cattle barriers.

Barfoote Construction also design and install systems using recycled cowshed effluent to flood wash the feedpad.

40ASHB & Covered Feedpad 
Client: Shepherds Farms 
Project Duration 4 months 
The project consists of a 29m pit with shed, race, yard and plant buildings. Also included is a 2,000m2 covered feed pad. The feed pad construction consists of a concrete slab with timber post and roof framing members. 

Rotary Cowshed & Feed Pad 
Client: JV Farms Ltd. 
Project Duration 5 months 
This project consists of various agricultural facilities.  The main structures are a 54 bail rotary cowshed and a 2,000m2 covered feed pad.  The rotary cowshed was a steel shed structure including race and yard.  The feed pad comprises a concrete slab with a large structural steel portal framed roof.

  • Smith Farm Rotary Cowshed & Covered Feedpad 
  • Shepard Farm Silage Pad & Feedpad
  • Robertson Farm Silage Pad & Feedpad 
  • Kidd Farm - Rotary Cowshed, Feedpad
  • Hartle Farm Feedpad 
  • McBeth Rotary Cowshed & Covered Feedpad 
  • Cutforth HB Cowshed & Covered Feedpad