Agriculture Services

Trevor Barfoote (owner) has a passion for dairy farming he owns farms in NZ and the USA with 24yrs experience in designing and building specialised, Milking/Dairy Sheds and a lifetime of living and working in and around farms, he knows first-hand what farmers want are what they are looking for.  Barfoote’s precast concrete solutions offer the lowest possible maintenance and running costs on the market.  Barfoote also works around the dairy farming calender to minimise the impact that upgrade works can have on an operational farm.

Barfoote's work with the farmer to maximize the value of investment. If you are thinking about upgrading or building to get Barfoote's on-board early in your plans, as often, during a site visit, they can provide helpful advice on how to get the best results by looking at the lie of the farm to select the best flow with the minimum amount of earthworks.

Having built numerous milking sheds locally,  throughout New Zealand and over seas in South America and Europe, Barboote’s now have a name synonymous with the best and most innovative herringbone and rotary style milking sheds in the world. Barfoote’s shed are seen as the reference site for the dairy industry.

Barfoote's are happy to arrange a tour or site visit to any completed cowshed and are more than happy to introduce prospective clients to any of their existing clients to discuss design, quality of construction and service.

Rotary Sheds

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Barfoote Rotary Cowsheds are designed for the requirements of the high producing dairy farmer, who wants to reduce labour expenditure and time spent in the cowshed. Choose from a range of the  standard portal designs or be a little more adventurous and consider the modern curved concrete arch option which offers increased space.  The buildings are extremely robust  functional and low maintenance.  They remain extremely appealing to the eye, the curves seem to hug the landscape and blend in as though they have always been there.  Not to mention that they are also surprisingly affordable.

Herringbone Sheds

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Barfoote Herringbone Milking Sheds are cost effective. Barfootes design is simple and economically suited to a farm that milks 100 - 400 cows. Barfoote’s herringbone can easily be tailored to sui your own requirements.

Weep walls 

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Barfoote have put a great deal of effort and thought behind the design of their Weep wall systems to make sure they perform at maximum efficiency and last the distance.  
The use of vertical slits over horizontal designs and physical slit width used in combination with the length of the settlement pond allows the materials to separate naturally by distance.  
Therefore, by the time they reach the weep wall they are in three separate states (floating top fibre material, middle green water section and bottom sludge). Thus allowing the green water to drain from the system rather than clogging the system.

Advantages of Barfoote Weep walls

  • No power required
  • No stone trap required
  • Many installations have green water straight though to pivot irrigation 
  • Precast construction means lower costs
  • Concrete construction
    • No rotting or bulging like other systems on the market
    • Low Maintenance
    • Longevity

Feed Pads / Troughs

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Barfoote Construction design and build cattle feedpads to suit the client’s requirements. Each design is customized to suit existing and future requirements on the farm.

Options include stand alone feedpad slabs, feedpads with roof structures (typically steel portal with timber roof or pole and timber construction) and we supply and install extras, including customized gates, feed troughs, water troughs and steel post and rail cattle barriers.

Barfoote Construction also design and install systems using recycled cowshed effluent to flood wash the feedpad.

Concrete Raceways

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Improve mobility, cleanliness and health with this simple upgrade.

Cattle Underpasses

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Hot favourite with farmers to enhance the efficiency of working farms.